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March 4th ] This is my research on decrapifying Windows and keeping your privacy. I do hope you can read between the lines, and see things through different perspectives. The data hoarding and monitoring complex is higher than ever. I feel hopeless. What countries does this make you think of?
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Windows 7 Loader by DAZ 2.2.2 Full Free Download Activator LATEST

March 4th ] This is my research on decrapifying Windows and keeping your privacy. I do hope you can read between the lines, and see things through different perspectives. The data hoarding and monitoring complex is higher than ever. I feel hopeless. What countries does this make you think of? I may be able to scan for illegal stingrays and I can firewall and snowdenize my phone.

And I can try to inspire change that respects individuals as intelligent private agents. Regardless, the outside monitoring is irrelevant to the bastion, the extension of my brain, that is my PC. You are still contributing to change through your lack of educated proactiveness. All they do is technically not illegal. It protects the poor behemoths and in turn protects You, my delicate consumer. It would be very bad if their models got disrupted.

What do you win with these mechanisms? Are the consequences of forcing or conditioning or psychologically manipulating or lobbying the market into making society a dystopia, worth the protecting of the old greed and scarcity based business models of the industrial or digital revolutions from a time long past?

Is Comcast also the good guys? What about the Tobacco and Oil industries? For one example, maybe a move towards Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, Decentralized Autonomous Apps, Zero-Knowledge Proofs, Oracolized data, encrypted disclosure of info that is tracked irrefutably by a blockchain where they only get the data you have chosen and you got compensated for , is a less primitive alternative?

I also want to present people with a different PoV, educate, and show what this general surveillance whistleblowing business is all about. Enterprise is same as above except you can configure it to never install Feature upgrades and also delay or stop any other updates. It also gets security patches for older Feature update versions for longer. LTSC still comes with all the telemetry tools installed just as well as the rest. The Windows 10 China Government Edition is the god tier unicorn we all want, and hopefully some brave savior one day will fly back from China with a ISO of this creature with English localization added to it.

Now as Hako said in the comments, get https: If you want to be airtight about windows phoning home, check the Networking Privacy section before connecting your mahcine to a network during or after the windows install. Cutting cancer Now to figure out what are the modules, domains, IPs we need to stop or nuke or perform brain surgery on. Anti-Spying, Privacy [ related: Note these checkboxes do not include other random checkboxes e. Zero Level: Full level: It even force-enables your network adapters after a Feature update.

First up, get and run the Destroy Windows 10 Spying by Nummer from github. WindowsPrivatizer ]. It does an excellent job nuking doezens of invasive things from orbit, and blocks hundreds of IPs and Domains using Windows Firewall and the Hosts domains file.

W10Privacy complements DW10S and is my favourite. Shutup10 is another great and kept up to date tool made by ze germans.

Explains what everything does. I ran it after running the previous 2 tools, and noticed there were still a couple of things I had missed, so run all 3 for good measure. Someone complained that wireshark video is old. See a list of available decrapifying tools here: Please tell me if you find another tool complementary to what I have included or better , or you can also look for esoteric and perhaps more updated github forks of the open source ones.

Network Security: I may not keep it super up to date in this guide. Most of these IPs are generated by the anti-spying tools in this guide, based on MY preferences of which things to nuke, e. Updating Windows still works with the methods used in the Updates section below, and you always have the option of turning automatic updates back on with one of the anti-spying tools.

I wrote a separate guide on that a while back: Read it after having read the browser stuff on https: Only news is now we have the Brave browser which I love because it auto pays content creators you visit with your BAT crypto wallet and Firefox Quantum. Use them only if you can install the extensions and tweaks I wrote about below.

That should do it! At all. Finally, the best way to run Windows in the first place is as a Virtualbox Guest within a Linux Host, using Hardware Passthrough – pretty sure Wendell will post a video on that as soon as it becomes friendly enough.

Windows Updates As mentioned in the Scope of the guide, yes you can still update windows after all this. It also allows you to roll back or avoid updates that break your computer e. You used to be able to do that in Windows 7. NTLite has a neat Update manger and it checks them for compatibility against what you have installed or nuked from your windows installation.

W10Privacy by the good folks at winprivacy. Find it under the Extras menu up top next to Configuration. You now have the power to continue to install Security Updates without being forced to install Feature Updates. Like the builtin microsoft advertisements about other microsoft products.

Or the lockscreen internet ads or bluetooth ads. It merges the search bar into start, it force closes Apps for realzies, it has pinned links and can bring the old win XP style side-navigating of All Programs. Now to get windows looking good and uninfuriating, you still need to:

A word on Giving Up

This is an official DAZ Loader Subredit. Instructions How To Use DAZ Windows 7 Activator (cwzqly.me). submitted 1 year ago by NBknows. I activated my windows 7 ultimate system with daz loader last year and yesterday windows 7 started displaying the “windows is not. That tool is probably only taking the name of DAZ. Windows 10 can only be activated via KMS or HWIDgen. (firmware / bootloader patches no.

Register account On Piracy – Mirrored from [pastebin] http: I’m sure you guys can find Honourable Mentions: Free Options: Have a look at [this] https:

Windows 7 Loader by DAZ

They are listed below: For Mac OS, a Mac version of 10. 5 or higher specification is required For the iOS platform, the version 10 is the minimum requirement or any higher version is required as well The cracking of iExplorer is simple to understand.

It follows almost the same process with the common way of cracking any software.

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Windows 10 Loader activator is introduced as a Microsoft product which is famous all over the world. This Loader which is provided by DAZ is specially added to. Ripped from this reddit thread Deezloader – downloads from Deezer at kBp/s Windows Microsoft Toolkit v and above; Windows 7: Daz Loader. Official DAZ Loader Website (cwzqly.me). submitted 1 year ago by NBknows · 1 comment; share; save. hide. report. all 1 comments.

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